Safeguarding the Environment to Prevent Suicide: Restricting access to lethal means

If you are working in the field of suicide prevention and you are not implementing restricted access of lethal means, then you are omitting one of the few PROVEN effective suicide prevention strategies. 

This short course teaches you the what, why, and how of restricting access to lethal means for suicide. 

What others have been saying about this course:

Ian Horner

Great course!

Excellent course, well structured and presented and the content flows effectively. The knowledge I gained will be very useful to me in my role as a suicide intervention caregiver / trainer. Highly recommended!

Laura Libralato

safeguarding the environment to prevent suicide: restricting access to lethal means

several stats/data around both planned attempts and further attempts was informative the motto around be firm and be respectful resonated nicely as did the emphasis around education over insistence

Even if you have taken other courses in suicide intervention, you may not be using this important strategy to help a person at risk of suicide increase the likelihood of their survival, even if they make an attempt. 

Act now! Enroll in this short course and start using the potentially life-saving strategy of restricting lethal means in your work with people at risk of suicide.

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Increase the effectiveness of what you are already doing in your work with people at risk of suicide. 

Enroll now in Safeguarding the Environment to Prevent Suicide and start implementing lethal means restriction in your work right away.


Comments from recent learners:

Tina Killam

This Course is Very Informative

Thank you for sharing all this helpful information. I believe this will be a benefit to me working as a Human Service provider. You never know when you will encounter a situation where someone is contemplating suicide and knowledge is power. With ...

Helen Egbuogu

Safeguarding the environment to prevent suicide

It was an eye opening course which brought more insight into being mindful of people around us that may have suicide tendencies.

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