Understanding Suicide: Overview and Fundamentals

If you don't know much about suicide or how to help, start with this course! Discover the magnitude of the problem and why the statistics don't tell the whole story. Learn how suicide and self-harming behaviour differ, and when they overlap. Explore common misunderstandings about suicide that get in the way of prevention efforts. Learn the conditions that can lead people to consider suicide despite our instinct to live. And finally, learn about a promising suicide prevention strategy that anyone can be part of.

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Jose Pruden

Finished and felt more aware.

This course not only goes over the basics of suicide in understandable language but it also is engaging. For being an online course there is still the opportunity to learn in different ways like videos, written exercises, little quizzes. I was rea...

James Queale

Solid Introductory Course

This course lays the foundations for understanding suicide and prevention in a comprehensive way.

No one is immune to suicide. 

But everyone can help to prevent it.

Suicide claims close to a million lives in a single year around the globe. Many times more live with pain and grief that also puts them at risk. Yet, most countries don’t have a national plan for its prevention and many professional helpers lack specific training in how to deal with it. Most community members know little about it and worse, what many think they know about it is untrue. This course is about suicide, a community health problem with far reaching consequences.

Enroll in Understanding Suicide: Overview and Fundamentals and in just one hour learn:

 what every community member needs to know about suicide:

  • the real magnitude of the suicide problem;
  • how suicide differs from self-harming behaviour;
  • how people may develop the capability for suicide;
  • an exploration of why people consider suicide
  • myths and misunderstandings about suicide that perpetuate pessimism in community members, helpers, and people at risk; 
  • a simple and effective approach to suicide prevention that every community member can take part in.

Length: 1 hour

Level: Introductory

Suitable for teens and adults.

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Victoria Koch

Understanding Suicide: Overview and Fundamentals - Victoria Koch Review

This is a great little course that helped me to understand that it is important to listen to anyone who has suicide on their mind. It really showed how stigma and taboo prevent people from helping those who need it most. I found the handouts and...

Every member of the community has an important part to play in preventing suicides. Trouble is, because of the many misconceptions, largely perpetuated by unrealistic portrayals in movies and television, most people who could make a difference may not even try. Widespread misinformation and unfounded pessimism are roadblocks to helping. Just by taking this one hour course and understanding the real picture you will contribute to the development of a more compassionate community where people at risk of suicide can more easily get the right kind of help. 

Recently bereaved by suicide?  Suicide is an emotionally evocative subject. Courses about suicide and how to help are also often emotionally evocative. This course also includes a videotaped narrative about the suicide of a young person. Although few details are provided about the suicide itself and no images of the scene or the person who suicided are included, if you have recently been bereaved by suicide you may want to reflect on whether this is the right time for you to take this course. You might also consider viewing the narrative video with a supportive friend. Know that if you decide now is not the right time we support your decision to look after yourself. When you are ready we will be here.

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What's included?

17 Videos
5 Quizzes
8 Texts
5 PDFs
1 Download

Sign up for this one hour course and get a new understanding of one of the most significant causes of death on the planet. What you learn in this course will contribute to a more understanding and compassionate community, but it is also the basis for all helping for suicide. 

Who should take this course?  Parents, students, coaches,  teachers -- anyone who spends time with youth and wants to help understand the risks and open dialogue. Receptionists, medical office assistants, massage therapists, law enforcement-- anyone who works with the public and wants to break down the barriers to helping held fast by stigma, taboo, and misunderstanding. 

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Students, parents, anyone who wants to know more about suicide: this course will help you understand the who, what, and why of suicide.

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